We have often felt that it is unfair that many people leave school and have very little financial knowledge. It means that they start work, open a bank account and move out of home, without knowing how to budget and what is sensible with regards to borrowing and saving. These days schools are getting better at teaching this as they are being allowed time in the curriculum to do so, but often it is still not enough. Parents also tend not to teach their children very much. This might be because they did not get any teaching so do not think about it. It might be because they do not really know what to do themselves and feel they are not a good role model. Therefore, it means that many people are left to do it by themselves. Some people take it upon themselves to learn a lot about it and they will read websites and books so that they know that they are doing the right thing. However, there are also people that will not do this because they are a bit daunted by the books and not sure what to read. We have therefore put some information together which will hope will help those people out. We have put together items which we think will appeal to a lot of people and that they will find useful and will use. We have tried to keep them simple so that they are easy to understand.